Aspen PIMS Expert User Certification Exam | ACEU-PIMS02

An Aspen PIMS Certified Expert User is a second level exam to show proven in-depth understanding of and the practical skills required to run planning models.  Passing this exam proves your skills in:  running and evaluating model data and reports. This person also demonstrates fluency with some advanced skills such as modifying model structure and troubleshooting.


Process Engineer
Planning Engineer
Plant Economist
Plant Business Analyst


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Exam Details

Aspen PIMS Expert User Certification Exam4 hours
Multiple choice and lab70%
3 YearsAspen Certified Expert User
Aspen PIMS
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Exam Preparation

Training is not required, however it's highly recommended. 
Users will benefit from the optional instructor-led courses:
Solving Refinery Planning Problems using Aspen PIMS (Virtual or In-Person)
Advanced Optimization Features using Aspen PIMS (Virtual or In-Person)

Review Exam Topics 
Study Guide
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Exam Guidelines

During your online exam you will be proctored by our certified instructors.

The following are required for you to take the exam:
1. WebCam to monitor you
2. High speed internet - ensure you have minimal devices connected and use ethernet cord if internet is slow. Run this test:
3. Google Chrome Web Browser

Read Aspen certification guidelines before taking the exam. You must be familiar with technology used for online exams and the expectations. 
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After the Exam

Results will be sent to you within two weeks.

If you passed the exam, you will recieve an email to post your credentials on Linkedin. Please make sure you provided your Linkedin email address on the exam to the proctor. 
View the instructions to post your credentials on Linkedin.

In your post when you “Share to Linkedin” feel free to edit verbiage, however please use the below hashtags. 
Proud to announce that I am certified as an Aspen PIMS Certified Expert User.
#aspenusercertification #AspenPIMS #refinery #supplychainoptimization

If retake needed, a report will be provided identifying areas of improvement. Read Aspen Certification Policy of when you are eligible to take the next exam.
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Register for Exam

Time Zone
Start Time
End Time
Aspen PIMS Expert User Certification ExamV11.1Aspen PIMSVirtual-Americas6/26/2020USA Central8:00 AM12:00 PMVirtual (USD) 0.00 Register
Aspen PIMS Expert User Certification ExamV11.1Aspen PIMSVirtual-Latin America6/16/2020Mexico8:30 AM1:00 PMVirtual (USD) 0.00Register
Aspen PIMS Expert User Certification ExamV11.1Aspen PIMSVirtual-EMEA6/26/2020United Kingdom9:00 AM1:00 PMVirtual (USD) 0.00Register