The Aspen Plus V14.0 Upgrade Journey

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Products: Aspen Plus 
Last Updated: 27-Feb-2023
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The Aspen Plus V14.0 Upgrade Journey

The Upgrade Journey guide will walk you through the best practices to plan and execute an AspenTech software upgrade. Use this guide for a faster, easier software upgrade.

🗸 This guide have been reviewed and used by AspenTech customers. 
🗸 Targeted toward anyone involved in the upgrade or implementation of AspenTech products.
🗸 This product-specific Upgrade Journey guide include:

  • Flowchart (PDF) with recommended sequence of steps for upgrading.
  • A Sequence of events chart (Excel) that provides the steps along with a timeline to help you manage your upgrade project.

The flowchart below highlights the recommended sequence of steps for upgrading Aspen Plus. A PDF version of this charts is attached to the article.

Included with this article, you will also find a chart with a more granular sequence of steps, which can be used to manage the upgrade process. An Excel version of the chart is attached.