The V12 Upgrade Journey Overview

Products: Aspen InfoPlus.21, Aspen DMC3, Aspen Petroleum Scheduler, Aspen PIMS, Aspen Plus, AES Install, AMS Install, SLM, APM Install
Last Updated: 05-Oct-2020
Versions: V11.0
Article ID: 000095179
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What is the Upgrade Journey and why do I need it?

The Upgrade Journey guides walk you through the best practices to plan and execute an AspenTech software upgrade. Use these guides for a faster, easier software upgrade.

🗸 The guides have been reviewed and used by AspenTech customers. 

🗸 Targeted toward anyone involved in the upgrade or implementation of AspenTech products.
🗸 Product-specific Upgrade Journey guides include:

  • Flowchart (PDF) with recommended sequence of steps for upgrading.
  • A Sequence of events chart (Excel) that provides the steps along with a timeline to help you manage your upgrade project.

Which Upgrade Journey best practices guides are available?

Where can I find the Upgrade Journey?

You can easily access the Upgrade Journey through different AspenTech Support resources, including:

  • Knowledge Base articles
  • Download Center
  • Product Documentation
  • Installation Guides
  • Product Lifecycle Notifications
  • Support eBulletin
  • Social media (LinkedIn), blog posts and more!
Examples of where you can find the Upgrade Journey:
Download Center
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Platform Support
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License installation instructions
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