Aspen Process Recipe and Process Sequencer - Recipe Management and Process Sequencing

Develop a working knowledge of Aspen Recipe Explorer to view recipe data and download recipe data to InfoPlus.21. Use Aspen Process Recipe to create and configure recipes including security settings. Develop a working knowledge of Aspen Process Sequencer and the associated; strategies, configurations, security types and process sequencer calculations. Learn how to setup and configure a web-based Transition Overview display that allows operators to monitor and interact with key informational elements of a transition package.


  • Polymer clients with simple transition specifications in their APC design
  • Polymer clients with multiple reactor configurations, multiple catalysts, and/or complex standard operating procedures.
  • Non-polymer clients who are interested in recipe and transitions management

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    2 day(s)

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In this course, you will learn about:
  • The organization and storage of enterprise, process, quality, lab, and other data that constitute the makeup of product recipes, reducing cost of ownership, and minimizing the risk of data integrity issues.
  • Ensuring repeatability in an enterprise environment where many sophisticated grade changes are involved across one or more processing facilities.


  • Overview of products application to the processing environment
  • Detailed reviews of all key product features
  • Construction of a simulated sequence of events
  • Hands-on exercises that use Aspen Recipe and Process Sequencer providing more familiarity with the topics covered in class


Aspen Process Recipe Overview
  • Describe the six fundamental concepts of Aspen Recipe Explorer:
  • Templates
  • Items
  • Parameters
  • Master Recipes
  • Control Recipes
  • Equipment

Using Aspen Process Recipe Explorer
  • View recipe data using Aspen Recipe Explorer
  • Download recipe data to InfoPlus.21
  • Workshop: Using Aspen Process Recipe Explorer

Creating and Configuring Control Recipes
  • Create Control Recipe from scratch by assigning
  • Master Recipes
  • Equipment
  • Aspen Calc Script
  • Make Control Recipes ready for download
  • Delete unwanted Control Recipes

Creating and Configuring Master Recipes
  • Create Master Recipes from existing Templates by assigning
  • Equipment
  • Parameter values
  • Modify Master Recipe data
  • Delete unwanted Master Recipes
  • View Master Recipe Edit History
  • Workshop: Creating and Configuring Recipes

Configuring Aspen Process Recipe
  • Add, modify, and delete elements from following lists
  • Products
  • Equipment
  • Units of Measure
  • Parameters
  • Item Types
  • Create, modify, and delete Recipe Templates
  • Workshop: Configuring Aspen Process Recipe

Aspen Process Recipe System Administration
  • Configure the security aspects of the Aspen Process Recipe database
  • Workshop: Configuring Security for Process Recipe

Using Aspen Process Sequencer
  • Describe the functionality of the Aspen Process Sequencers (APS) strategy nodes
  • Select and run a Transition Strategy for Control Recipes
  • Workshop: Using Process Sequencer

Configuring Aspen Process Sequencer
  • Create a Site strategy
  • Create a Master strategy
  • Assign a strategy to a control recipe
  • Workshop: Configuring Process Sequencer Develop a simple transition

Aspen Process Sequencer Security
  • Create and assign security types
  • Modify master recipe security settings

Node Properties
  • Discuss the strategy nodes and their functionality
  • Update the node properties pages
  • Add Miscellaneous nodes to Strategy
  • Make a fixed strategy assignment for a Control Recipe
  • Test run transition strategy
  • Workshop: Node Properties Experiment with Strategy Nodes

Process Sequencer Calculation
  • Describe Aspen Calc scripts and how they are integrated with Aspen Process Recipe to perform any complex calculations/sequences.
  • Define requirements of CalcScript for each node type and the contents of TransitionLib
  • Create a CalcScript for use in a Strategy
  • Use functions from TransitionLib to retrieve package data
  • Workshop: APC Calculations Experiment with Calc Scripts

Transition Overview Web Display
  • Develop and configure the Operator Web Interface for accessing the process via Production Control Web Server (PCWS)
  • Create a New Transition Strategy comprised of Operator Request Type Nodes
  • Create an Activity List, Progress Indicator Set, and Key Index Set, then assign these to the new Transition Strategy
  • Make a fixed Strategy assignment using the new Transition Strategy for a Control Recipe
  • Test run the Transition Strategy from the Transition Overview web display
  • Workshop: Transition Overview Web Display: PSWS

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