aspenONE Advanced Process Control - Installation and Configuration

Learn to deploy the Advanced Control Product suite into a typical plant environment. This course covers installing, maintaining and troubleshooting the Aspen APC infrastructure.


  • Information Technology specialists who must install and configure the Aspen APC infrastructure.
  • Control Engineers who are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the APC infrastructure

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    2 day(s)

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Increased effectiveness installing, maintaining troubleshooting and migrating the Aspen APC infrastructure.


  • Lecture topics and course notes thoroughly describe of the online APC infrastructure with emphasis on the purpose of each node
  • Extensive hands-on workshops allow students to actually install and configure the APC infrastructure
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions and explore any specific requirements from their site or company


Competence using Microsoft server operating systems. The course is presented using a Windows Server 2008 software environment.


APC Infrastructure Overview
  • List the basic software components that comprise Aspen Advanced Process Control basic online applications
  • Describe the supporting software that must be present before installing Aspen APC Online Software
  • Describe the client-server architecture underpinning APC applications
  • Outline the basic installation procedure
  • Explain the configuration of the Lab Virtual Machines used in this course
  • Understand how to use the Microsoft VirtualPC virtual environment to execute the Labs during the training course
  • Workshop: Install the APC Server and the Process Control Web Server
  • Workshop: Install the Aspen Watch Server

Process Control Web Server Configuration
  • Access the various functions of the Production Control Web Server
  • Use the Web Viewer to monitor APC applications
  • Modify the configuration of the Web Viewer to match the needs of your facility
  • Workshop: Configure the APC Infrastructure
  • Workshop: Configure the Aspen Watch Server
  • Workshop: Install and Configure APC Applications

APC Migration Overview
  • Modify the configuration of the Web Viewer to match the
  • Migrate APC software
  • Workshop: Migrating the APC and Watch Servers
  • Workshop: Configuring connections to OPC Server

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