Aspen Operations Reconciliation and Accounting (AORA)

Course Id:  MES151   |   Duration:  3.00 day(s)   |   CEUs Awarded:  2.1   |   Level:  Introductory

Course Objective

Aspen Operations Reconciliation and Accounting (AORA) is used to reconcile refinery production data (from mass balances/simulations) with plant accounting data. This course will enable you to configure and use an AORA model to store, retain history and present operations accounting information and to be able to supervise or maintain an AORA system.


  • Maximize the value in the product through awareness and appropriate utilization of features
  • On-site expertise reduces down-time and enables more effective system support
  • Be able to modify the configuration to meet evolving needs
  • Learn the latest troubleshooting tips increase productivity


  • Yield Accountants
  • Yield Analysts
  • Production Accounting Supervisors
  • System integrators and prospective system integrators
  • Anyone evaluating or supporting an AORA system
  • System Administrators responsible for maintaining AORA systems

Class Schedule

Class Agenda

MES151: Aspen Operations Reconciliation and Accounting (AORA)


  • Describe the AORA system and its uses, including:
    • Yield accounting and data reconciliation
    • Demonstration
    • Architecture and features
    • Hardware and software requirements
    • Functionality, calculations, and benefits
Building and Maintaining Models
  • Configuring global objects
  • Building the AORA model using vessels, pipes, and instruments
  • Workshop: Navigation a Model and Setting Defaults and Preferences
  • Workshop: Setting up an Initial AORA Model Database
  • Workshop: Understanding Historical Configuration in AORA
  • Workshop: Adding and Configuring Global Objects
  • Workshop: Adding and Configuring Vessels and Manifolds
  • Workshop: Adding, Configuring, and Rerouting Pipes
  • Workshop: Adding and Configuring Instrumentation
Inputting Raw Data
  • Describe the data needed by AORA and methods of input
  • Workshop: Adding Instrumentation Readings
  • Workshop: Manually Adding an Event
  • Workshop: Importing Data into AORA
Calculating, Adjusting, and Evaluating Results
  • Perform calculations, adjustments, and results in AORA
  • Workshop: Performing Basic Reconciliation Operations
  • Workshop: Exploring Reconciliation Options
  • Workshop: Isolating, Correcting Gross Errors and Distributing Random Errors
Other Aspen AORA Operations
  • Converting database types
  • Generating reports
  • Changing database connection user and password
  • Daily operations and automating processes
  • AORA database administration
  • Workshop: Conversion of Access Prototype to SQL Server.
  • Workshop: Working with Reports
  • Workshop: Automating AORA Processes
  • Workshop: Changing the Advisor3 Password
  • Workshop: AORA Database Administration
  • Troubleshoot commonly encountered problem (optional module)
  • Examine the database table structure of AORA (optional module)


Aspen Technology, Inc. awards Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for training classes conducted by our organization. One CEU is granted for every 10 hours of class participation.