APC150: Achieve Sustainable APC Benefits using Adaptive Process Control

Course Id:  APC150   |   Duration:  2.00 day(s)   |   CEUs Awarded:  1.4   |   Level:  Introductory

Course Objective

Sustain peak APC performance with ease and reduce maintenance workload by using Adaptive Process Control Technology within Aspen DMC3. This technology maximizes APC benefits by enabling background step testing in calibrate mode and automating controller’s maintenance tasks without interrupting daily plant operations. 
In this class, users will learn APC best practices to maintain and improve controller performance using Adaptive Process Control workflows.

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Process Control Engineers or any other engineers designing, implementing or maintaining APC controllers


  • Clear guidance on fundamental topics
  • Industry workflows
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Experienced instructor-guided demonstrations
  • Q&A on student-specific problems


Familiarity with process simulation is preferred, but not required.

Class Schedule

Class Agenda

APC150: APC150: Achieve Sustainable APC Benefits using Adaptive Process Control

Evaluate controller performance using Aspen Watch performance monitoring
  • Set up a baseline using Aspen Watch to understand how controller is performing
  • Use KPIs to assess controller’s performance
Use Aspen DMC3 Robust Control Technology to stabilize controllers
  • Understand how Robust Control works
  • Learn how to use Robust Control to extend the life an outdated controller
  • Quantify the give-ups with Robust Control
Setup and run Aspen DMC3 Calibration mode to collect plant step test data
  • Understand how Calibrate mode works
  • Update an existing controller to use Calibrate mode
  • Use Calibrate Mode to gather plant step test data
  • Workshop: Configure an Aspen DMC3 controller to run Calibrate and generate background step test data
Continuously improve models through the Adaptive Workflow
  • Improve models using collected step test data
  • Further improve the models to give optimal performance by reducing the Calibration ratio
  • Fix collinearity issues and finalize model
  • Deploy Aspen DMC3 controller in control mode and confirm performance using Aspen Watch KPIs
  • Workshop:  Update the controller model using Adaptive workflow
Aspen DMC3 Smart Tune and its Benefits
  • Understand how Smart Tune works and its benefits when compared to traditional controller tuning
  • Setup steady state optimizer with Smart Tune wizard
  • Review online controller LP strategy
Course Conclusion
  • Review and solidify the concepts presented in the course

Aspen Technology, Inc. awards Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for training classes conducted by our organization. One CEU is granted for every 10 hours of class participation.