Evaluate the Exchanger Performance of a Crude Preheat Train and Overhead Condenser

Course Id:  EHX109   |   Duration:  0.50 day(s)   |   CEUs Awarded:  0.4   |   Level:  Introductory

Course Objective

In this hands-on workshop you will use Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating and its integration with Aspen HYSYS to evaluate the risks associated with CDU heat exchangers (preheat train and air condensers), explore the impact of fouling and weather conditions on the performance.

  • Learn how to implement Aspen EDR software in Aspen HYSYS simulation.
  • Make use of the Activated EDR feature as an improved method for linking Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger or Air-Cooled Exchanger.


  • Engineers who specify, rate, and/or analyze heat exchangers in fouling service 
  • Heat transfer experts who wish to use Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating®
  • Engineers interested in the design of crude preheat trains


  • Hands-on workshop
  • Guided demonstrations
  • Learn about crude preheat trains and the challenges involved in its design
  • Learn to harness the power of Activated EDR in Aspen HYSYS
  • Study the effect of heat exchanger fouling in the performance of crude preheat trains 
  • Learn how to rigorously simulate an air-cooled condenser
  • Explore the effect of weather conditions in air-cooled exchanger performance


  • You should be familiar with Aspen HYSYS, Crude preheat trains and Aspen Exchanger design and Rating 

Subsequent Courses

This course serves as a prerequisite for many of the more advanced courses.

  • EHY101: Aspen HYSYS: Process Modeling
  • EHX1011: Design and Rate Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • EHX1021: Design and Rate Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
  • EHX131: Heat Exchanger Mechanical Design using Aspen Shell & Tube Mechanical
  • EHX1100: Modeling Heat Exchangers Using the Exchanger Design and Rating Suites

Class Schedule

Class Agenda

EHX109: Evaluate the Exchanger Performance of a Crude Preheat Train and Overhead Condenser

Study the effect of fouling in the performance CDU preheat train
•    Introduction: Crude Preheat Trains
•    Crude Preheat Tran Exchangers Design and Simulation

Rigorous modeling of a crude heat exchanger 
•    What is activated EDR and Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating
•    Activated Exchanger Analysis Dashboard
•    Simple vs Rigorous Exchanger models
•    Rigorous Exchanger Simulation
•    Heat Exchanger fouling

Simulate CDU air-cooled condensers
•    Air Coolers in Aspen HYSYS
•    Air-cooled condensers; air vs water cooling
•    Aspen Air-Cooled Exchanger: Features and Program Output
•    Use import feature to specify geometry and rigorously simulate an air-cooled condenser 

Investigate the effect of weather conditions in air-cooled exchanger performance
•    Use the Aspen HYSYS case study feature to examine how air temperature affects ACHE performance

Aspen Technology, Inc. awards Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for training classes conducted by our organization. One CEU is granted for every 10 hours of class participation.