Introduction to Hybrid Modeling for Planning

To provide fundamental training in Hybrid Modeling for Planning. Introduce and review advanced features and functions in Hybrid Modeling tools, including Aspen Multi-Case, Aspen AI Model Builder.


  • This course is designed for planners or engineers who need advanced tools to update/maintain planning models
  • Participants will typically know the basic planning and simulation process.

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  • Gain familiarity with key Hybrid Modeling concepts and functions.
  • Develop knowledge in Hybrid Modeling and the basic workflow


  • Instruction on principle topics
  • ¬†Hands-on problem-solving approach allows the student to gain an understanding of the most important Hybrid Modeling functions and options
  • The class problems are designed to illustrate real world Hybrid Modeling process and benefits.


  • This course is recommended for planners or engineers with some knowledge of simulation and planning process.
  • Attendee should have a basic understanding of refinery operations and of the basics needed to operate planning models.


Getting Started: What is Hybrid Modeling?
  • Overview of Aspen Hybrid Modeling
Types of Hybrid Models
  • AI Driven Hybrid Models
  • Reduced Order Hybrid Models
  • 1st Principles Driven Hybrid Models
Benefits of Hybrid Modeling
  • Benefits of Hybrid Modeling and use cases
  • Benefits of Reduced Order Hybrid Modeling for Planning (PIMS-AO)
Reduced Order Hybrid Models for Planning
  • Different Scenarios for Reduced Order Hybrid Models for Planning
  • Approach with Hybrid Model in PIMS-AO
  • End to End Workflow for Reduced Order Hybrid Models
Data generation through Aspen Multi-Case
  • Introduction to Aspen Multi-Case and major functions
  • Workshop: Use Aspen Multi-Case to create data for FCC unit.
AI Model Builder: Clean data and build hybrid model
  • Introduction to AI Model Builder and major functions
  • Workshop: Use AI Model Builder to create hybrid models
Deploy hybrid model to PIMS-AO
  • Introduce the workflow to embed hybrid model to PIMS-AO
  • Workshop: Deploy FCC unit in PIMS-AO model

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