Aspen HYSYS: Migration to V8

Experienced users can ensure a smooth migration to Aspen HYSYS V8 by learning the interface enhancements such as the new ribbon interface to facilitate workflow for typical model development. You will also learn to use the new Simulation and Property Environments. Become familiar with new engineering features including updated stream, equipment, and model analysis tools, Activated and Integrated Analysis, recycle advisor, and new data fitting and reconciliation capabilities. Use the new Acid Gas Package and the new Safety Analysis capabilities.


  • Existing Aspen HYSYS users who need to quickly get up to speed using the new user interface
  • All Aspen HYSYS users interested in staying current with the latest simulation technology
  • Individuals who want to strengthen modeling skills by learning how to use the new Aspen HYSYS interface

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    1 day(s)

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  • Update your existing Aspen HYSYS skills to quickly migrate to the new user interface
  • Stay current with the new standards for Aspen HYSYS process simulation
  • Prepares existing users for advanced courses using the new user interface and features
  • Take advantage of the new engineering features to accelerate process optimization


  • Instruction on basic topics
  • Demonstrations of general features
  • Instructor-guided exercises
  • Hands-on workshops that apply learned concepts
  • Detailed course notes


Participants must have experience developing simulation models using Aspen HYSYS.

Subsequent Courses

This course will help prepare you to take the advanced Aspen HYSYS courses which use the new V8 user interface
  • EHY202 Aspen HYSYS: Advanced Process Modeling Topics
  • EHY223 Aspen HYSYS Dynamics: Introduction to Dynamic Modeling
  • EHY2102 Aspen HYSYS Petroleum Refining: Process Modeling and Optimization for Refinery Unit Operations
  • EHY2351 Modeling Heavy Oil & Gas Production and Facilities Using Aspen HYSYS Upstream


The New User Interface
  • Introduce the updated Aspen HYSYS User Interface
  • Discuss how to find menu options in the new ribbon menus
  • Learn the improved workflow for building a process flowsheet
  • Review options for managing windows and displays
  • Discover new plotting capabilities, improving results analysis

Creating a Simulation in the New User Interface
  • Review updates to the Properties Environment and how they affect Fluid Packages and oil assay management
  • Become familiar with changes to the Simulation Environment and how they influence model construction and analysis
  • Demonstration: Construct a Propane Refrigeration Loop model in the new Aspen HYSYS user interface
  • Workshop: Build a natural gas gathering and refrigeration flowsheet and review modeling results in the new user interface

Interface Enhancements and Retired Features
  • Introduce important changes and modifications to Aspen HYSYS beginning in V8.0
  • Review and become aware of discontinued options associated with the change in user interface

Explore New Engineering Features
  • Review updated stream, equipment, and model analysis tools
  • Review the improvements made to rigorous heat exchanger modeling
  • Discuss how the Recycle Advisor can help in solving complex flowsheets
  • Introduce new Data Fit and reconciliation capabilities
  • Improve interaction of HYSYS simulations and plant data using improved links to Aspen Simulation Workbook and HYSYS Plant View
  • Workshop: Incorporate a variety of analysis and design tools into a natural gas gathering and refrigeration flowsheet

Acid Gas Package
  • Introduce the Acid Gas Property Package
  • Workshop: Model and acid gas sweetening process using diethanolamine

Safety Analysis Environment
  • Introduce the HYSYS Safety Analysis Environment as a comprehensive, process-wide pressure relief modeling tool
  • Size and rate pressure safety valves (PSVs) for single or multiple relief scenarios
  • Demonstrate how to setup and report results from PSV calculations in the Safety Analysis Environment
  • Workshop: Perform single and multi-scenario PSV sizing calculations in the HYSYS Safety Analysis Environment

Assay Management
  • Review Assay Management capabilities in Aspen HYSYS Petroleum Refining V8.4
  • Demonstrate how to use Assay Management to import crude assay data for analysis and use in a refinery flowsheet

Activated Energy Analysis
  • Review Activated Energy Analysis and Energy Analysis Environment capabilities in Aspen HYSYS V8.4
  • Demonstrate how to use Activated Energy Analysis to optimize heat recovery in a model

Activated Exchanger Analysis
  • Review Activated Exchanger Analysis capabilities in Aspen HYSYS V8.4
  • Demonstrate how to use Activated Exchanger Analysis to model rigorous heat exchangers in the simulation

Activated Economic Analysis
  • Review Activated Economic Analysis capabilities in Aspen HYSYS V8.4
  • Demonstrate how to use Activated Economics to estimate equipment and utility costs in a plant

Refinery Reactors
  • Review new Refinery Reactor capabilities in Aspen HYSYS V8.4
  • Learn to use the new Delayed Coker and Visbreaker reactor models
  • Demonstrate how to use Delayed Coker and Visbreaker in a refinery flowsheet

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Aspen Technology, Inc. awards Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for training classes conducted by our organization. One CEU is granted for every 10 hours of class participation.