Aspen InfoPlus.21: System Administration

This course will help you prepare for the certification exam and the exam fee is waived with this course.
Learn the best practices for performing an Aspen InfoPlus.21 system upgrade efficiently, how to optimize your network and firewall configuration for performance, security and reliability. How to automatically synchronize your Aspen InfoPlus.21 database and DCS systems, how to safely and easily add additional fields to Aspen InfoPlus.21 record structures. Learn how to implement Aspen InfoPlus.21 in a cluster to ensure users have continuous access to critical plant data without any visibility or additional configuration from the client side.


  • Aspen InfoPlus.21 technical users with one or more years of Aspen InfoPlus.21 administration or application development experience
  • Experienced Aspen InfoPlus.21 database administrators and Technology Support staff

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    2 day(s)

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  • Reduce downtime and improve continuity by learning the best practices for performing an Aspen InfoPlus.21 upgrade
  • Improve the performance of an Aspen InfoPlus.21 system by learning how to configure your firewall for optimal Aspen InfoPlus.21 performance
  • Easily Manage IP.21 database records from Microsoft Excel using Aspen IP.21 Configuration Excel add-in
  • Extend the value obtained from Aspen InfoPlus.21 by safely and easily adding new fields to existing Aspen InfoPlus.21 tag structures
  • Reduce the risk of losing plant critical data by implementing Aspen Cim-IO redundancy, Aspen InfoPlus.21 Replication and Aspen InfoPlus.21 Redundancy


  • Two days of fast moving lectures packed with Aspen InfoPlus.21 tips and tricks
  • Hands-on workshops and demos reinforce lecture topics
  • Numerous workflow procedures are provided for you to take away and deploy
  • Best practices for activities such as Upgrading the Aspen InfoPlus.21 database and how to effectively configure the application to communicate across firewalls are discussed
  • Students learn how to implement advanced features like Aspen Cim-IO Redundancy and Aspen InfoPlus.21 Replication to minimize loss of data


  • Complete MES101 Aspen InfoPlus.21: Real Time Information Management Foundation plus experience of configuring/administrating an Aspen InfoPlus.21 system
  • Alternatively, more than 1 year experience of administering an Aspen InfoPlus.21 system


Upgrading the Aspen InfoPlus.21 Database
  • Upgrade the Aspen InfoPlus.21 database from an earlier version on the same server
  • Discuss and review the four stages of the upgrade procedure: preparation stage, upgrade software, restore critical files and upgrade snapshot
  • Identify the steps to move Aspen InfoPlus.21 database from one server to another.
  • Describe the steps required to use Data Settings and Transfer Wizard to automatically transfer the history files

  • Explain how the Historian works
  • Discuss and ¬†review the different History Utilities available
  • Restore and recover data
  • Describe how to split a Repository
  • Workshop: Enable Verbose logging to view the contents of the config.dat file. Recognize different ways to examine the locations of the history files where the data is stored.

Aspen IP.21 Configuration Excel Add-in
  • Recognize the capabilities of Aspen IP.21 Configuration excel add-in
  • Create and populate the Aspen Cim-IO transfer records
  • Perform addition and deletion of Aspen InfoPlus.21 database tags through Excel
  • Demonstrate how to save and apply a template
  • Workshop: Create and populate the get records with the device specific tags on a Cim-IO Device using Configuration Wizard. Also, create the Aspen InfoPlus.21 tags at the same time when populating the get records with the device tag names.
  • Workshop: Use Manage Records available in the IP.21 Configuration Add-in to manage different definition records in the Aspen InfoPlus.21 database

CIM-IO Redundancy
  • Discuss the benefits of Aspen Cim-IO Redundancy and explain how to configure it using the I/O Wizard from Aspen InfoPlus.21 Administrator
  • Describe how an offline Utility can help recover the contents of the store file to Aspen InfoPlus.21

InfoPlus.21 Replication
  • Explain what replication is in respect to Aspen InfoPlus.21
  • List the reasons why replication is useful and when it might be used
  • Describe the terms and process involved to set up replication

Replace Definition Wizard
  • Discuss the capabilities of the Replace Definition Wizard
  • Demonstrate how to use the Replace Definition Wizard
  • Workshop: Use the Definition Editor to add new fields to the Fixed and Repeat areas of a record. Use the Replace Definition Wizard to migrate existing data records to the new Definition record created.

Aspen InfoPlus.21 RPC Servers and Firewall Considerations
  • Explain what are the Aspen InfoPlus.21 RPC Servers
  • Discuss and review Firewall considerations in the context of the MES solution
  • Comprehend the purpose of different Aspen InfoPlus.21 Services and Tasks needed for successful start-up of ¬†Aspen InfoPlus.21

Aspen InfoPlus.21 Clustering
  • Provide an overview of Clustering and associated ¬†Architecture
  • Identify the AspenTech products that can take advantage of clustering and how they do so
  • List the steps involved to implement AspenTech products in a cluster
  • Describe some general usage and maintenance actions involving clustered AspenTech products

Aspen AFW and Aspen InfoPlus.21 Security Topics
  • Implement and configure role based security for Aspen InfoPlus.21 and different client applications
  • Explain the purpose of different Aspen InfoPlus.21 Services and Tasks needed for successful start-up of Aspen InfoPlus.21
  • Workshop: Implement and Test Database Security
  • Workshop: Record and Field Security

Review Best Practice Solutions and Troubleshooting Tips
  • Identify Best Practice solutions that will make your Aspen InfoPlus.21 system run better

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