Aspen Process Explorer: Using and Configuring

Learn how to view data from your process using one of AspenTech's graphic user interfaces. Learn to customize the appearance of trend plots and specify plots based on statistical analysis of process data (aggregates). Be able to exploit all the features offered by this product concerning process data trending and graphic creation/viewing. Integrate real-time or historic data into Excel.


  • Process Operators, Engineers, and Managers responsible for troubleshooting, optimizing, or reporting on a process monitored by Aspen InfoPlus.21
  • Process Graphic Designers responsible for developing a graphical representation of a process unit or equipment

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  • Gain access to your process data in Aspen InfoPlus.21 without the need to study detailed database functionality 
  • Data accessibility improves productivity
  • Timely availability of appropriate process information is a key management issue


  • Learn how to use Aspen Process Explorer graphic user interface to obtain versatile trend information and graphics to visualize the current and historic performance of your process with many hands-on activities 
  • Course is typically presented on request at a customer site
  • Format is hands-on activity based, with a series of short PowerPoint based introductions to each topic
  • This instructor-led course gives opportunity for questions
  • Graphics creation element allows graphics designers to consult trainer on ways of achieving particular screen behavior


Microsoft Windows platform basic user skills

Subsequent Courses

  • MES123 Aspen Calc: Using and Configuring
  • MES171 Aspen Production Record Manager: Retrieving Batch Data Using The Reporting Tools (Aspen Batch.21)


  • Introduction to main concepts and terminology
  • Client tools available with Aspen InfoPlus.21
  • What is aspenONE Process Explorer?
  • What is Aspen Process Explorer?
  • Client Data View Options
  • Other plots (aka formats) supported by Process Explorer
  • What is Aspen Process Data Add-in?
  • Aspen Process Explorer functionality in Aspen IP.21 Process Browser

Viewing Trend Data Using Standard Aspen Process Explorer Displays
  • Start Aspen Process Explorer
  • Begin a new trend plot
  • Bring Aspen database items to the plot
  • Configure the Legend
  • Perform Ad Hoc Calculations
  • Save a plot
  • Reload an existing plot
  • Set Default Data Source
  • Display data in an X-Y Plot
  • Workshop: Getting Started - Viewing Trend Data

Aspen Tag Browser
  • Start Aspen Tag Browser
  • Connect to different Data Sources
  • Perform searches
  • Simple searches
  • Advanced searches
  • S95 searches
  • Workshop: Using the Aspen Tag Browser

Controlling the Display of Trend Data in a Plot
  • Modify the features of the Timeline Control
  • Use the Time Shift feature
  • Zoom in a Plot
  • Add Scooters to a Plot
  • Display the Data Table
  • Workshop:  Manipulating Data

Customizing the Plot Environment
  • Customize the plot environment by changing certain properties exhibited by
  • Plot Area
  • Pens
  • Timeline
  • Identify and explain the purpose of Map records
  • Use Scaling and Sampling features in trend plots
  • Define Aggregates and how to use them
  • Change preferences within Aspen Process Explorer
  • Set up additional ADSA Data Sources
  • Workshop: Customizing the Plot Environment

Managing Plots and Workspaces
  • Assemble different elements to make up a workspace
  • Arrange elements within a workspace
  • Configure the Timeline tool to act globally for many elements or privately for specific elements
  • Save, recall, and navigate between workspaces
  • Use the “Favorites” option
  • Print hard copies of workspace elements
  • Workshop: Workspace Management

Creating Process Graphics
  • Create Static Objects
  • Import library items
  • Display dynamic live point data
  • Change the color of an Object using Animation
  • Build a hot-link
  • Export graphics in XML format for use in Aspen IP.21 Process Browser
  • Learn how to Publish existing Process Explorer graphics to aspenONE Process Explorer
  • Workshop: Creating Process Graphics

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Aspen Technology, Inc. awards Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for training classes conducted by our organization. One CEU is granted for every 10 hours of class participation.