Introduction to Aspen Plant Scheduler Configuration for Modelers

This course will help you prepare for the certification exam and the exam fee is waived with this course.
Learn how to build a new scheduling model or make changes to an existing model for plants that manufactures or packages basic chemicals, polymers, specialty chemicals, or other consumer goods. Course provides step-by-step coverage for configuring an Aspen Plant Scheduler models.


  • Individuals interested in configuring or supporting Aspen Plant Scheduler models
  • Anyone who wants to build new models or maintain existing Aspen Plant Scheduler models
  • Participants with preliminary programming skills and basic understanding of Supply Chain concepts are preferred

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    3 day(s)

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  • Set up your process in Aspen Plant Scheduler and observe the following benefits:
  • Develop a feasible production schedule
  • Proactively respond to demand changes
  • Visualize scheduled activities across the extended scheduling time horizon
  • Easily make and visualize the ripple effects associated with manufacturing schedule changes
  • Improve asset utilization and production throughput


  • Course notes containing lecture materials, examples, and workshops are distributed
  • Instruction on basic topics
  • Step-by-step configuration approach to configuring an Aspen Plant Scheduler application
  • Instructor-guided demonstrations of features and functionality
  • Basic examples and hands-on exercises are used to provide practical experiences for students
  • Lecture topics are reinforced with hands-on workshops throughout the day
  • Questions relating the course material to production scheduling are encouraged

Subsequent Courses

  • SM906 - Configuring aspenONE SCM Applications - (advanced skills development for modelers)
  • SCM201 - Introduction to aspenONE Supply Chain Management V8 for Modelers


Introduction to Aspen Plant Scheduling
  • Product Demonstration: Aspen Plant Scheduler tour
  • Review the basics of rule writing within Aspen Supply Chain Management
  • Exercise: Write custom rules to accomplish data manipulations and processing related tasks

Data Integration
  • Identify and explain the data requirements for the scheduling model
  • Exercise: Identify and create the data structures required for the training case
  • Step-by-step instructions: Method to initialize data structures
  • Exercise:  Initialize data in the training case
  • Step-by-step instructions: Method to load relevant data into Aspen Plant Scheduler
    • Configure data import and conversion process
    • Discuss configuration of validation routines
  • Exercise: Import standard data required for the training case

Scheduling Model Framework
  • Step-by-step instructions: Methods to…
    • Configure facilities
    • Setup scheduling time periods
    • Input production capacity and downtimes
    • Advance the schedule time period
  • Exercise: Identify, configure facilities, time periods in the training case

Creating and Maintaining a Feasible Production Schedule
  • Discuss the following topics for creating a production schedule:
    • Configuration of Setup parameters
    • Commonly used Planning Board configuration parameters
    • Commands for creating and maintaining the schedule
  • Steps-by-step instructions: Configure the common utility tools of Planning Board
  • Exercise: With given information, get the Planning Board to show facilities, activities, downtimes and setup times.

User Interface Configuration
  • Step-by-step configuring instructions:
    • Run Action Menu
    • Run Step Menu
    • Role-based Configuration
  • Review out-of-the-box  schedule summary and analysis reports

Library Configuration
  • Overview of aspenONE SCM product libraries and discussion related to custom library maintenance and integration
  • Step-by-step instructions: Configure a library and discuss the library manager workflow
  • Exercise: Configure a clean custom library and install to the training case

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