Enhance Model Performance by Embedding AI in Process Simulators

Accelerate your digitalization journey by embedding Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Data into Process Simulators to enhance your model predictions and develop accurate hybrid models. Benefit from seamless integration with existing process simulators such as Aspen HYSYS® and Aspen Plus®. This training class will focus on taking an existing simulation built in Aspen HYSYS or Aspen Plus and transforming it into an Aspen Hybrid Model to leverage the power of AI without engineers requiring data science or machine learning expertise.


  • Process Engineers who would like to learn how to apply AI and machine learning to improve their modeling activities.

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    0.5 day(s)

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  • Address problems that cannot be solved with first principles models alone
  • Build better models faster and sustain accurate models longer
  • Improve predictive insights using AI and Machine learning


  • Instruction on basic topics
  • An experienced instructor will select an appropriate order in which to present the modules
  • Discussion about the general approach and the key elements for successful simulations
  • Instructor-guided demonstrations of features
  • Hands-on workshops using examples from the petroleum processing industry
  • Detailed course notes


This course requires a basic understanding of all the basic functionalities of Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus

  • Attend EAP101 and/or EHY101, or through practical experience using the simulators

Subsequent Courses

  • EHM101 Introduction to Aspen Hybrid ModelsTM for Engineering
  • RPA105 Introduction to Hybrid Modeling for Planning


  • Introduction to First-Principles Driven Hybrid Models
  • Overview of Aspen Hybrid Models
  • Differentiation and applications of First-Principles Driven Hybrid Models
  • Overall workflow to build an FP Hybrid Model

  • Data Formatting and Conditioning
  • Requirements to build a FP Hybrid model
  • Workflow for data input and data conditioning

  • Building the model
  • Mapping the variables
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Training the model and Validation
  • Analyzing the results and deploying the model
  • Workshop A: Create a First Principles Driven Hybrid model for an esterification reaction in a CSTR reactor in Aspen Plus
  • Workshop B: Create a First Principles Driven Hybrid model for a distillation column for hydrocarbon separation in Aspen HYSYS

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