Aspen Plus Refresher Course

This is a refresher course for Aspen Plus fundamentals and designed for participants who are preparing to take the Aspen Plus User Certification exam. This version is delivered virtually through a 4-hrs online instructor-led session with access to virtual training lab for self-practices. Certification exam will be held on the next day.

Note: Only Credit Card Payment is accepted.

Course Schedule

Day 1 – Morning (0900H – 1300H)Instructor led refresher course
Day 1 – Afternoon (1300H – 1800H)Self-practice
Day 2 – Afternoon (1400H – 1800H)Aspen User Certification exam


This class is designed for anyone who wants to sit for Aspen Plus User Certification exam

Training Details

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    0.5 day(s)

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  • Aspen Plus User Certification study guide
  • 4-hrs live session with our Aspen Plus instructor
  • Access to Aspen Plus software provided through an interactive cloud-based environment. Participants can continue to use the cloud based environment for their self-practice after the live session. 
  • A quick run-through on Aspen Plus fundamentals with hands-on exercises
  • Aspen Plus User Certification exam


  • A background in chemical/process engineering, oil/gas industry or in Specialty Chemical Industry. 
  • Attended EAP101 course in the past, or have reasonable practical usage experience with Aspen Plus.
  • Computer with Internet access, webcam and audio capabilities. During the online certification, participants will be required to turn on their webcam.

Subsequent Courses

Develop additional expertise with these recommended courses:
  • EAP201 Aspen Plus: Select, Use and Modify Property Model Calculations for Improved Accuracy
  • EAP202 Modeling Batch Processes using Aspen Plus
  • EAP2711 Reaction Analysis and Reactor Design using Aspen Plus


Day 1 – Morning (0900H – 1300H): 

Getting Started
  • Develop a working knowledge of Aspen Plus to become familiar with the graphical user interface
  • Develop a working knowledge of the Aspen Plus Properties & Simulation Environment
  • Workshop: Basic input to build up a complete Flowsheet 
Physical Properties
  • Identify issues involved in the choice of a property method
  • Workshop: Select an appropriate Property Method to represent a defined system
Unit Operation Model
  • Review major types of unit operation models
Sensitivity Analysis
  • Illustrate relationships between process variables using sensitivity analysis
  • Demonstrate accessing flowsheet variables
  • Workshop: Use a Sensitivity Analysis in a Flowsheet
Design Specifications
  • Use design specifications to meet process design requirements
Calculator Blocks
  • Implement Microsoft Excel and Fortran Calculator blocks
Improving Flowsheet Convergence 
  • Introduce the idea of convergence blocks, tear streams and flowsheet sequences
Flowsheet Results 
  • Review features for viewing simulation results 
  • Discuss options to enhance flowsheet output

Day 1 – Afternoon (1300H – 1800H):

Self-practice with Aspen Plus through cloud-based environment

Day 2 – Afternoon (1400H – 1800H):

Aspen User Certification Exam


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