Online Class: Aspen InfoPlus.21: Real Time Information Management Foundation

This is the “Online” version of our popular MES101 Foundation level class. This Online version is delivered through a combination of self-paced learning that you can complete over 4 weeks with support from live, online expert-led sessions, hands-on workshops and interactive online discussion boards.  Students usually spend 8 to 12 hours per week to complete this online course.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Obtain an overview of the Aspen InfoPlus.21 system - Database, Historian, Data Transfer and System Administration
  • Obtain an overview of AspenOne Process Explorer
  • Learn how to implement and configure an Aspen InfoPlus.21 system including database security, data back up, and data transfer from DCS/PLC
  • Learn how to supervise, maintain, and troubleshoot an Aspen InfoPlus.21 system
  • Understand different Client tools available with Aspen InfoPlus.21 to effectively monitor critical plant data


  • Aspen InfoPlus.21 system administrators or backup administrators
  • IS supervisors who need to gain an overview of the Aspen InfoPlus.21 database 
  • Process control engineers/managers
  • System integrators
  • Anyone involved in technical evaluation of products

Training Details

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    5 day(s)

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  • Online classes are designed for flexibility. This allows you to plan study time that fits your schedule.
  • Learn from anywhere. No travel required.
  • Practical skills learned through hands-on, self-paced workshops & guidance from a live instructor
  • Exchange ideas with classmates and instructor through online discussion boards
  • Class prepares you for the Aspen User Certification exam


  • The Aspen InfoPlus.21 Foundation course is a 4 weeks comprehensive, introductory course for Aspen InfoPlus.21 administrators
  • Short lecture sessions focused on concepts and terminology 
  • Structured hands-on lab exercises that promote lasting learning experiences


Although the course does not assume any prior experience with Aspen InfoPlus.21, those attendees that already have a working familiarity with the product will also benefit by discovering how the Aspen InfoPlus.21 components integrate.


This online class is completed over 4 weeks. 
Each week starts with short, online instruction by a live expert through a web meeting. The rest of the week is self-paced. Students exchange ideas, get help and interact with the class & instructor through an online discussion board. The online discussion board is open throughout the class and is monitored by the instructor during fixed hours. 

Week 1
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Week 2
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Week 3
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Week 4
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Aspen Technology, Inc. awards Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for training classes conducted by our organization. One CEU is granted for every 10 hours of class participation.