Building Machine Learning Agents using Aspen Mtell

This course will help you prepare for the certification exam and the exam fee is waived with this course.

The Aspen Mtell application is a condition monitoring solution that uses automated Machine Learning to stop machines from breaking down, makes them last longer, reduces maintenance costs, and increases the net product output of any process.

This course prepares students to build Agents for use in a Mtell real-time monitoring solution. In this training, learn the Aspen Mtell implementation methodology to create Machine Learning Agents for a single asset. Practice automatic Agent tuning for the best accuracy and earliest detection of excursions from normal behavior. Utilize past failure data and the precise patterns that match degrading conditions that lead to failure to build failure Agents. Additionally, learn to create hidden failure Agents to fully specify your input data to create agents ready for 24/7 use.  Lastly, deploy the Machine Learning Agents for continuous protection of critical plant assets.


Engineers, Consultants or Managers focused on Preventative Maintenance and System Reliability.

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    3 day(s)

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Learn how to setup, train, and evaluate machine learning Agents. These are the tasks that users spend the most time on during a Mtell project. Select a completed agent and deploy it live for 24/7 monitoring of the asset.  


  • Clear guidance on fundamental topics
  • Industry workflows
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Experienced instructor-guided demonstrations
  • Q&A on student-specific problem


Asset Performance Management and Aspen Mtell Overview

  • APM Solutions
  • Introduction to Aspen Mtell
  • Data Flow in Mtell
  • Aspen Mtell Client Applications

Aspen Mtell System Manager

  • Starting Aspen Mtell System Manager
  • Aspen Mtell System Manager Tabs
  • Asset Hierarchy

Workshop 1: Connect to an existing Aspen Mtell Database

Workshop 2: Import Asset Hierarchy

Aspen Mtell Agent Builder

  • Starting Aspen Mtell Agent Builder
  • Aspen Mtell Agent Builder Tabs

Workshop 3: Import Known Failure History

Equipment Set Profile

  • What is an Equipment Set Profile?
  • Equipment Set Hierarchy
  • Equipment Set Tabs
  • Data Set
  • Configuration of Equipment Set Profile

Workshop 4: Generate Equipment Set Profile

Workshop 5: Import and Clean Data

Machine Learning Agents

  • Agent Overview
  • Agent Workflow

Hidden Failure Agent

  • Hidden Failure Agent Overview
  • Clustering Algorithm Overview

Workshop 6: Generate and Analyze a Hidden Failure Agent

Anomaly Agent

  • Anomaly Agent Overview
  • Anomaly Agent Training
  • Anomaly Agent Settings

Workshop 7: Generate and Tune Anomaly Agents

Failure Agent

  • Failure Agent Overview
  • Failure Agent Settings
  • Maestro-enabled Failure Agents
  • Agent Evaluation

Workshop 8: Generate and Tune Failure Agents

Live Agent Deployment

  • Deploy from Agent Builder
  • Deploy from System Manager
  • Live Agent Steps and Settings

Workshop 9: Deploy Agents Live

Transfer Learning

  • Transfer Learning Overview
  • Applying Transfer Learning

Workshop 10: Apply Transfer Learning

Live and Trained Agent Decommissioning

  • Disabling a Live Agent
  • Deleting a Live Agent
  • Decommissioning a Live Agent to Deploy an Improved One

Workshop 11: Decommissioning an Agent

Rule Policy Agents

  • What is a Rule Policy Agent?
  • Rule Analysis
  • Create Rule Policy Agent

Workshop 12: Creating a Rule Policy Agent

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