Software Evaluation Terms and Condition

By submitting this form after reviewing these software evaluation terms and conditions ("Terms"), you warrant and represent that the registered customer you have specified has authorized you to evaluate the selected Aspen Technology, Inc. ("AspenTech") software on behalf of the customer.

AspenTech hereby grants access to the Evaluation Software Product(s) you have selected solely for purposes of evaluating such Product(s) during the specified evaluation period on behalf of the specified customer, and subject to the AspenTech Software License Terms and Conditions (Rev. 11/2013), excluding Sections 1.21 (Software Maintenance Service), 2.7 (SMS), 5 (Payment) and 6.1 (Warranty) thereof.

You may use the Evaluation Software Product(s) solely for evaluation and/or testing purposes for the benefit of the specified customer. Evaluation Software Products may not be used in a production environment, as an aid or tool for the creation of any new software, or as a mechanism for training or aiding any party in the performance of the foregoing prohibited activities. You must treat any and all information relating to the performance or operation of the Product(s) (including any benchmarking data or other results of use or testing which are indicative of performance, efficacy, reliability or quality) as proprietary AspenTech information, and shall not disclose such information to anyone outside the customer organization.

The evaluation period will commence when you click the "I Accept" button below. When the evaluation period ends, AspenTech may disable access to the Evaluation Software Product(s), and you must immediately discontinue all use thereof.

The EVALUATION Software products are provided "as is," without any warranties, express or implied. ASPENTECH WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY MAINTENANCE OR SUPPORT FOR THE EVALUATION SOFTWARE PRODUCTS.

Your acceptance of these Terms shall not operate to supersede, amend or otherwise limit or extend any other agreement between the specified customer and AspenTech, and any such agreement shall remain in full force and effect in accordance with its terms.

AspenTech retains full discretion to reject your application for any reason.