Known Issue: The Product Registration screen does not create a registration record with AspenTech. (Disable Product Registration)

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Products: aspenONE Install 
Last Updated: 03-Nov-2020
Versions: V11.1
Article ID: 000097123
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The Product Registration dialog that appears after installing AspenTech software currently does not create a registration record within AspenTech. A new product registration process will be implemented in the future.

We recommend disabling the registration dialog by following the instructions below:

Step 1: open the Registry Editor and update the following registry key:

Value Name: DoNotRegister
Value Type:  REG_SZ
Value Data:  1

Step 2: export the updated registry key
  • Right-click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AspenTech or
  • Select Export and Save As DoNotRegister.reg

Step 3: push the registry change to the client computers
  • Copy DoNotRegister.reg to the client computer.
  • With Administrator Privileges, double-click DoNotRegister.reg to import the settings. You should receive a message that the import was successful.
  • You may also use a deployment tool such as SCCM to deploy and import the registry file on multiple computers.

After updating these registries entries, users will not be prompted to register again.

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