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Last Updated: 06-Sep-2023
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AspenTech is excited to offer a brand-new training that combines deep domain knowledge with application of AspenTech solutions. Jointly delivered by industry domain experts and simulation/tool experts from AspenTech, students will get hands on experience using AspenTech Solutions to solve real world problems.
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Refinery Basics and Modeling
        Develop a baseline understanding of refining business from feedstocks to products. Perform Case Studies to determine the optimum operating points for a process. Learn the different options for defining and managing crude oil assay information and properties.
Refinery Fundamentals
        Learn the purpose for refining and how refinery units fit together to achieve the business requirements. Units will be discussed, and product specifications and pooling will be introduced.
Refinery Planning
        Develop a baseline understanding of economic fundamentals and connect those fundamentals to petroleum refining and the broader market. This course is designed for new planners and modelers who need experience in building and optimizing refinery planning models to generate optimum plans.
Heat Exchanger Design
      Perform multiple heat exchanger calculation types, easily review results, and draw meaningful conclusions on exchanger performance. Troubleshoot shell and tube heat exchangers for poor thermal performance and vibration problems. Understand the various equipment design options specific to shell and tube heat exchangers.
Safety Analysis
        Learn the general approach and the key elements for successful PSV design and rating. Define potential real world relief scenarios and use API methods to calculate (grassroots) or rate (existing) relief valve sizes.
Cost Estimation
       Implement general approach to building a project/estimate and the key elements for successful usage. Build, interpret, and revise estimates in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. Adjust project estimates according to local area conditions and reduce potential decision-making risks
       Learn how to organize areas for contract structure. Build engineering and construction workforces as well assign work packages to the consets. Learn types and costing of process and rack modules and define costs unique to module field installation.
        Generate accurate E&I cost estimates. Build the instrument loop and learn best practices to build the process control   architecture. Build electrical single line architecture for accurate cost estimation.
       Learn how the various specifications levels input impact final cost. Maximize your ability to produce consistent, reliable estimates and reduce the risk involved in making decisions. Build a template to promote consistent cost estimating methodologies and reduce estimation variability
      Learn fundamentals of distillation design and practical steps to synthesize the best separation sequences. Understand complex column designs including azeotropic, three-phase, and reactive distillation and more. Learn about distillation column control philosophies and factors affecting column operations.
Process Control
      Learn about the key aspects of the underlying regulatory control system (DCS) as it relates to building a controller. Understand how it relates to phases of an APC project: designing a controller structure, conducting an effective preliminary test (pre-test), commissioning the controller, troubleshooting performance issues and improving controller performance.
System Reliability
      Learn systems reliability, availability and maintainability principles and practices. Understand how system reliability is affected by plant performance, planned and unplanned events, and provide quick pointers to improve reliability. 
System Reliability
Learn systems reliability, availability and maintainability principles and practices. Utilize plant data to generate results and enable informed, defensible, decisions on capital asset management.
Process Simulation
       Learn the basic know-how of a simulation model and gain practical knowledge on troubleshooting through case studies on different industrial applications
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