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Our courses provide in-depth knowledge and skills required to apply AspenTech solutions. Learn by solving real-world problems through interactive hands-on exercises.

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AspenTech offers training options that fits every schedule and learning preference. Delivered virtual or in-person, our trainings are guided by experts. Or learn at your own pace with our extensive digital library of eLearning courses.

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  • Aspen Plus

    Learn Aspen Plus: Best-in-class simulation software for chemicals, polymers and life sciences

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  • Aspen HYSYS

    Know Aspen HYSYS: A Comprehensive software for Energy Industry

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  • Aspen PIMS

    Learn Aspen PIMS and Improve Margins With the Most Trusted Production Planning Software

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  • Aspen InfoPlus.21

    Get started with Aspen InfoPlus.21 to Unlock your Data and Increase Profitability

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  • Aspen DMC3

    Learn Aspen DMC3 and Achieve Production Excellence and sustain optimal performance

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  • Aspen Mtell

    Start with Aspen Mtell to Create a world that doesn't breakdown

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Enhance your professional credibility and set yourself apart with Aspen User Certification™. Become part of the elite certified user community.

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Aspen User Certification™ Program

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Gain in-demand skills and earn recognition. Build in-house expertise for your organization while recognizing individual achievements and advancing career development.

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  • Aspen Capital Cost Estimator

    An Aspen Capital Cost Certified User has an in-depth understanding and the practical skills required for building, interpreting, and revising cost estimates using Aspen Capital Cost Estimator. Passing this exam will demonstrate your knowledge in: defining a project design basis, specifying area, equipment, and bulks, generating and interpreting reports. This person also demonstrates fluency with some advanced skills such as troubleshooting and modifying project specifications.Explore Details
  • Aspen DMC3

    An Aspen DMC3 Certified User has proven in-depth understanding of and the practical skills required to perform fundamental tasks in building and maintaining Advanced Process Control (APC) applications.  Passing this exam proves your skills in:  building the Finite Impulse Response (FIR) model using FIR and SubSpace Identification with step test data.  This person also demonstrates fluency with some advanced skills in steady state and dynamic tunings for obtaining optimal performance of the controller. Explore Details
  • Aspen HYSYS

    An Aspen HYSYS Certified User has in-depth understanding and practical skills required to build models and interpret results using Aspen HYSYS.  Passing this exam will demonstrate your skills in building process simulations including defining the properties environment, developing flowsheets with unit operations, and utilizing available tools for analysis and reporting. This exam also demonstrates understanding of more advanced topics such as pipe segments with flow assurance, adjust and recycle operations, and troubleshooting in HYSYS.Explore Details
  • Aspen InfoPlus.21

    An Aspen InfoPlus.21 Certified User has an in-depth understanding and the practical skills required to perform fundamental tasks in administering Realtime databases. Passing this exam proves your skills in: all tasks related to administering the IP.21 database successfully. This person also demonstrates fluency with some advanced skills such as troubleshooting and using IP.21 with CIM-IO client and server.Explore Details
  • Aspen PIMS

    An Aspen PIMS Certified User has proven in-depth understanding of and the practical skills required to run planning models.  Passing this exam proves your skills in:  running and evaluating model data and reports. This person also demonstrates fluency with some advanced skills such as modifying model structure and troubleshooting.Explore Details
  • Aspen Plus

    An Aspen Plus Certified User will allow you to have the in-depth understanding and practical skills required to build models and interpret results using Aspen Plus. The certified user is also capable of applying simulation skills to solve real world problems and achieve their sustainability goals.

    Passing this exam will demonstrate that you have the skills in building process simulations including defining the properties environment, creating flowsheets with unit operations, and utilizing available tools for analysis and reporting. You will be able to demonstrate fluency with some more advanced topics such as convergence, troubleshooting, and detailed distillation modeling.

    As sustainability is a cross-disciplinary field of study, measuring the challenges of sustainability requires knowledge and building solutions into the technical insights of software programs/systems (engineering, planning, and management).

    This certification exam also includes sustainability questions to test the skills focused on tackling sustainability challenges.

    If you score 70% or higher in the sustainability questions, then you will receive a digital badge showcasing both your Aspen Plus and Sustainability achievement.

    Explore Details


  • Marathon Petroleum Company

    Econ & Planning Forecaster

    I can see how the certification for Aspen PIMS could help to develop you professionally. When taking the exam, I learned some things that I didn’t pick up in class. I also really like the comprehensive report that identifies my strengths and areas of improvement. Overall, I am glad that AspenTech is offering a certification and I would definitely recommend to others.

  • Linde Engineering North America


    I took the Aspentech exam to be an Aspen Certified User in Aspen Capital Cost Estimator®. I am impressed how the exam was well prepared and very much inclusive to show users the software capabilities. I suggest studying and preparing for the exam. Being a Certified ACCE User will enhanced my position as an estimator in front of the management and shows the importance of self-development. I would recommend my fellow estimators in the oil/gas industry to take the exam and be an Aspen Capital Cost Estimators® Certified User.

  • Oman Refineries and Petrochemicals Company L.L.C

    Senior Plant Scheduler

    I am honored to be the first Certified User of Aspen Petroleum Scheduler(APS) and fully recommend the certification to my peers. The APS along with the PIMS certification gave me not only a sense of achievement but also helped with my career advancement giving me the opportunity to take the lead on a high profile Planning & Scheduling project for a new refinery.

  • Concord Blue

    Process engineer

    As a result of achieving Aspen Certified User status, I was selected to run a key project within my business. Aspen User Certification was a fantastic opportunity for me.

  • Koch Industries

    Process Control Engineer

    The knowledge and skills I gained while preparing for the exam solidified the material I learned in the classroom. This directly translates to my job as an APC Engineer. Nowadays, It’s easy to look up anything. However, when you have to solve a problem on the fly, there’s no time to “look up”. You have to recall the material learned and solve the problem instantaneously. The exam prepares you to show up and face the blank sheet and hit the ground running. When you take the exam, it gives you a personal satisfaction knowing you can face a blank sheet without panicking and solving interesting problems. Thanks to the exam, I can confidently tackle any APC challenge.

  • ExxonMobil

    Sr Research Engineer

    The certification covers the critical theories and practical problems to effectively exam users’ understanding of the basic concepts and the capability to apply Aspen Plus to real life challenges. I would encourage others to take this certification to demonstrate their competence in process simulation using Aspen Plus.

  • Nutrien

    Process Engineer

    This course was my first experience with E-Books – it was great! I was able to download the app on my tablet and open the training materials before class. The E-Books gave me a better learning experience in the classroom than printed training materials. The navigation is easy and I like how interactive it is. I’m looking forward to more training at AspenTech using E-Books.

  • PetroChina Planning & Engineering Institute (CPPEI)

    Process Optimization Division Director

    First of all, I'm very glad I passed the certification, which shows I have a good foundation in the application of HYSYS software. In terms of the certification examination, the topic design is very scientific, and it can comprehensively assess the student's learning results from the basis of software application. After taking the exam, I did find that I had areas that I lacked knowledge. The assessment I received provided me guidance on my learning goals in the future. Meantime, I have further understanding of the powerful function of Aspen HYSYS software!

  • Phillips 66

    Director of Process Design

    Together, AspenTech and P66 developed a training program targeted at young engineers that gave them the right start for the job to solve industry problems. The classes, taught with AspenTech and P66 instructors, featured content that was integrated into our specialized employee programs has helped employees progress their careers faster with the right skillsets. We will continue working with AspenTech because we know they are very knowledgeable, creative, and deliver quality programs.

  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

    Chief Manager Planning

    The training provided useful reactor model examples that I can use on my job. The multiple instructors is an excellent approach to accelerate learning. This is an excellent training program and I look forward to participating in more advanced sessions.